Sikan Panda


Studying in master’s degree, innovated my vision to work in distinctive style. My heart captivated by the beautiful landscapes, trees, flowers and its environments, coupled with my experience changed my imagination to work on concept of “INVISIBILITY”.

Conceptually I am dealing with the invisibility which is happen in our daily life. Most of my works are site specific installation works. I start my work for searching to do something new in my master’s degree. Through me and my mind visualization, I representing most of time as metaphor. In my perception the whole of the living mankind has explored every square inch of earth, every piece of land, ocean and mountain yet it remains suffocated in a world filled with tragedy, sickness, despair and unhappiness. This is because the imprints of our past action are etched into the soul binding us to the karmic law? What you sow, you reap what goes around, come around. What you put into something, is what you get out of it of it. The ancient masters taught of a secret way by which we could erase the negative imprints on our soul empowering us to rewrite our future and create a life of abundance! The search for personal wisdom starts in a surprising place. These are the secrets of achieving a spiritual understanding so deep that it will change our life forever. It is a remarkable journey of spiritual self-discovery. These are happening in our daily life and we daily encounter with these things but we are normally taken as a part of life. If we look into a deeper, we can find out lots of thing. Some time we do not able to see some things in our naked eye but we can realize that by our sense. This type of thought I have represented   in visual form. These days I divided variety kind of invisibility like social, political, economical, verbal, etc. which is help to understand more in simple way to my subject matter. In my works, I need to keep body and soul both; it means use of physical effort and mental effort. Physical efforts mean the way of using or handling material; the craftsmanship. On the other hand mental efforts mean the way of thinking or development of idea or subject matter. So mix of both material and matter. Because I believe that material is the body and subject matter is the soul of my works. Art mean not just about subject matter or handling of material it need both. If without subject matter we do something in a very skillful than its give pleasure to our eye only. This is the art of image making. As the process of my work there have layers of process of behind each work.

Now a day I work more in new mediums like site-specific, installation, construction, performance, use of found materials, mix of sound and lights for more effective etc. Most of time selection of site gives more tests to my work. So site also keeping main role in my works same like material, use of materials. I mean some time when I am working with the materials accidental found some more thing which help to development of vision. I like to work in large size because the size and the space both take the environment as a part of my work and itself create new test of that site. But it not all time it’s depend on my ideas or subject matter. As I am practicing art, in my perception there in no boundary on imaginations, so my thought process always goes in various ways. My project made me aware of the world of intellectuals from various fields- experimentation of art, science, history, poetry, film, religious belief, mythology and so on. The two year program was a great benefit to understand the contemporary scene of visual art the very understand of medium, my practice of making art has certainly undergone certain changes, where the institution’s teaching process played an important role. The two years program has opened up new ways; thoughts and technique which I would like to develop in my future work.

2 thoughts on “Sikan Panda

  • March 25, 2016 at 11:30 pm

    I respond to images that seem to be very fine an well designed and a very interesting research. there are two minds with the arts, visual and verbal, most of the time they do not work together for the same person. either a strong visual artist or a strong writer of words. And with the visual there is the figurative and the abstract, and then various concepts of positive or negative rebellion. I am not a writer but I read, and various philosophies in statement text always is a diversion of what I see visually. I like the work.. but then wonder why the color balls are in the tree? then the work with the cube on an old electric spool do not go together for me… the slick and the distressed. but in all a good body of work and interesting to see.

  • April 13, 2016 at 9:42 am

    very nice works sikan panda.

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