I am extremely glad to know that my young students have launched an interesting blog called E-Museum with the objective to present ‘curated show-casing’ of selected cultural heritages. The very idea to capture and promote multiple cultural heritages lying in nooks and corners of the sub-continent is a commendable effort. I am sure regular up-dating of information and incorporating interesting audio-visuals from time to time would be continued with the same zeal as has been demonstrated for the launching of the site. Due attention should also be given for authentic information that will find its place in this blog in future. I am sure it would benefit more and more viewers provided pages on gallery and ICH are selectively drawn to portray little known or unknown cultural and natural heritages.
I wish all success.

Prof (Dr) A.K.Das
Former Maulana Azad Chair Professor
National Museum Institute, New Delhi

I am extremely happy to know that Abhijna-emuseum, a virtual museum dedicated for safeguarding and forwarding the heritage cum- cultural related matters of India which has been launched by some excellent young to be forth coming experts in the field of museum.
I wish all success to the entire team of Abhijna emuseum for their commendable effort and dedication towards the preservation and showcasing of India’s tangible and intangible cultural (lost and living) heritage.
With heartily blessings.

Mr. K.K.S.Deori
Curator ( Display)
National Museum, New Delhi

All you choose to put on Abhijna-emuseum page is really very interesting and could capture everyone’s attention! The posts are, all, real testimonials of the high degree of civilization of your ancestors, who belonged to a people who shown love for beautiful and aspiration for harmony. I’ll be attentive and I’ll examine with great interest the future posts of this great page!

Laura Tiron
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