Vipin Kumar

In the words of Vipin:

My Perception of Art And my art Practice

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My art work are based on my own experiences from my life, I try to understand the emotions of my own experiences. In short, we have emotions and we are owner of our emotions. I try to connect my emotions with work of art. In painting emotion are neither within the artist, nor within the viewer but emotion is only in work. We feel emotion not intellectually but we feel it in a way of our own experience.  The way we experience life is also an emotion. Work of art represents the form of emotions. The forms in a work of art are based on our own experiences and the form itself is the emotion of work of art cause that only helps to express itself.

Selectivity and irrelevancy represent our mode and emotions in work of art. The process of experience of any form is emotion of work of art. We cannot express the emotion in work of art because it is expressive, work of art is expressiveness.