About Us

we are not collecting categories,  but meanings; we are not beginning with the object, but looking at the meaning, and then the profundity of that meaning

ABHIJNA an independent group of photographers, museum professionals, art historians, conservators and IT technicians which is committed to the preservation, awareness, education, continuation and communication to society of India’s rich cultural heritage, present and future, tangible and intangible.

Our Vision:

Encourage people to develop a deeper sense of belonging, or community.

Aims & Objectives:

• Professional cooperation and exchange.
• Dissemination of knowledge and raising public awareness of museums and intangible cultural heritage.
• Increasing the number of cultural action programmes for young people, in an atmosphere of greater participation.
• By making sure that the younger members of the museum’s public, and in particular students in related disciplines, are involved in the understanding and preservation of heritage and culture.

Abhijna Team:

  •  Mrinmoy das – Founder and Management Head
  • Diganta Sahariah – IT Consultant


  •  Pankaj Prakash Kahalekar
  •  Abantika Parashar
  •  Shishank Pal
  • Visetuono Kiso