Sanjeetha M

In the words of the Artist…

My works mainly depends on the behaviour of the materials and I work accordingly, I believe that there is a story to every media and the medium itself forms a story and a creative thought and adds concept to it.

My concepts also co-insides with the surrounding spaces and I use materials according to my responses to my environment. The flow of the material itself explains a lot and when certain materials used for art works speaks a lot more since the material gives the shape and form to the sculpture and therefore makes the art more richer.

The surrounding also brings about a change in my art works as I have the art bundi which I’ve made in a public interactive space which relates at a commercial level.

My previous project “Art Bundi” involves a sculptural work with the wood media which is a cart used at a public space. Traditionally the cart is a mobile vending cart. I re-invented the cart where all forms of art come together at one Democratic organic mobile space.

I enjoy the most working in showing many ways on dimensions. Like my work with wires rushing out of a flat surface. Here I can clearly show the breathing space of the medium. I also like working on topics like natural and the harm that is caused by man- made materials that mostly destructs the natural growth of nature. Certain natural flow that is constricted by certain materials is also an interesting topic that i like to work on. It also brings about certain awareness to the public which can be shown through art and demonstrate or to create in a manner so that it can easily reach out or easily understood by the common public.


I am a dancer as well as a skater and I try to connect my practice of art in collaboration with dance mostly in performing art because I believe the process of making art has much more about the experience and the flow when compared to the finished product.