Science as element of Art:

We as human have tendency to discover new things. Science gives us more possibility to discover new things. It also creates new kind of forms which helps in arousing different kind of emotion.

Science helps us in theoretical way as well as in practical way. I basically want to talks about “Color”   “feeling”   ”emotion” “organic form” in very brief way through my artworks.

galaxy of arrow   creation of creature

image3  Dead Child

Work based on the hidden raw pleasure:

It is a practice based on “Color” that how color helps to arouse emotion in viewer and what is the maximum probability to raise emotion when the application of Color on surface would be based on thick and lucid quality.

Color is an element of Art which I guess, it had maximum contribution in an Artwork even it is in monochromatic way .Here my application of Oil Color based on a very drawing approach which gives a free kind feeling even when I paint in Oil Color.

Visually Observation:

My colors are bright in a sense, means it gives a warm kind of environment and raises emotion depending on the mood.
But, This Bright warm color gives calmness with a unique kind of relaxation.

Explanation to Choose Color as a main research:

I belong to a colorful country having innumerable variety of SHADES.  So my intention is to show those colorful emotions through Artworks in a very “Lucid approach”.


Three different organic forms are placed in a very horizontal way, so that it seems like the big one is taking care of small one and tradition of “care-o-logy” will continue.


This Particular Artwork consist a significant form “A Creature”. This Painting is started with a very common geometrical form i.e.  Rectangle and ended with a creation of a Creature in almost a human proportion with a Bluish-Whitish color on Reddish supported background.

“Hungary David”

It is depiction of Greek character in young age. This character seems to be very hunger of untold emotion.

“Heaven of Arrow”

Arrow having a lucid quality having a sense of free movement helps in creating of the untold reflected emotion.


This painting is a reflection a tragedy of child who was unable to find a space in refugee camp. This picture also told about the current situation created due to war.


This is a depiction of common man who seems to be little odd having big lips, round nose. This common man wears a well dressed “COAT –PANT”. The intention behind “HANU-MAN”  is that he has a full-hearted dedicated towards his works


An organic form seems like a demon visually ,but this form has its own emotion.