Molela Terracotta Artist: Mukesh Prajapat

Born in the year 1990, Mukesh Prajapat is a young talented Molela terracotta artist. He has inherited the skill of turning clay into diversified forms from his father and since then has been practicing the art form from an early age of 12. Mukesh specialises in creating terracotta tiles around the themes of Krishna’s life and epitome. He is skilled in technique based work. Apart from creating mythological and contemporary subjects Mukesh also moulds clay into beautiful traditional deities, which is regarded as the most celebrated and original subject of the Molela potters. The traditional plaques which Mukesh creates are on the subject of Devnarayan, Kala Gora, Keradevi, Sadumata etc. He is also skilled in painting the baked terracotta plaque and thus personifying the deities in its true value. A talented and skilled potter, Mukesh has participated in a number of events and workshops in India as well as abroad. He has setup a studio in his village Molela under the name “Bhairav Terracotta Art Centre“, which can cater to 30 participants in learning  the art form. His work has also travelled abroad and are pride possession of some renowned personal collectors, institutions and hotels.

Mukesh has received various awards among which are the Excellence Award in Society for International Language, 2007-2010, DIC Terracotta Award, 2009, Wager-Mewar Prajapati Society Award, Udiapur 2009.

Dev Sangrah           Dhola Maru


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Devanarayan    installation

Krishna Leela 1   Krishna Leela 2

Krishna Leela 3   Krishna Leela 4

Krishna Leela 5   Krishna Leela 6

Krishna Leela 7   Krishna Leela 8

(For contacting the artist and inquiries related to purchase please drop a mail in the address :

Krishna Leela 10   Krishna Leela 11

Mukesh in his studio   Panchodevi and Lord Ganesh