Uttaran Museum, Sivasagar

Nestled near the historic palace of the Ahoms, the monumental Kareng Ghar, Uttaran Museum is a must sought destination for all travelers, history lovers, students, scholars and for people from all walk of life. Aptfully named as Uttaran, meaning, something that is being used, the museum is widely popular as a historical and research center among the masses.

A marvelous effort of Mr. Durlov Bora, this one-man show hosts some of the best and impressive collection. This cabinet of curiosity of Mr. Durlov Bora standing near Kareng Bordowarmukh, Joysagar reflects the picture of day-to-day life in Assam in a true sense. A multipurpose museum, Uttaran, showcases different types of living and non-living objects as well as objects used both by man and nature.

The museum is a two-storied building and is one of the popular destination for school children, tourists and adults. The massive collection throws light on various subjects related to the Assamese society and daily life.

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