Thaora Dol, Sivasagar, Assam

Thaora Dol (1683-1685), Dol meaning temple, was built by Alan Burha Dihingia Barbarua during the reign of Ahom king Gadadhar Singha. The Dol is situated close to the National Highway 37 in Sivasagar District of Assam.

Today, only the garbhagriha or sanctom sanctorium of the Dol survives the calamity of time. A temporary Mandapa is built for the worshipers to gather and offer prayers. An idol of Narashimha, the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the protector and preserver of the world, is installed in the garbhagriha. The iconography of Narasimha is depicted in a half-human and half-lion form. The idol is carved on stone and is painted with white, pink and blue colour.

Locals say, the present idol was installed at a much later period.

Architecturally , the surviving main temple structure, which is the garbhagriha, has a curved roof composed of four triangular segments, termed as char-chala style. This is also known as typical hut form architectural design which was widely found in the regions of Bengal and Orissa in the early and late 16th century AD.

Plain floral designs are carved all over its outer walls. The temple is void of any figurative  sculptures and have a plain dome shaped roof.