Maa Bhairavi Textiles: A Clothing Brand by Ausra Kleizaite

Maa Bhairavi Textile” is a clothing brand created with a belief in beauty and uniqueness. The product was inspired by love to travel, by love to India, by love to the state of Odisha and desire to create a unique collections for global and modern customer. What better place in the world can be found for inspiration for the textile designs than India.

Designs and fabrics are created by Lithuanian artist Ausra Kleizaite and woven by the hands of beautiful weavers in the land of Odisha.

“Maa Bhairavi Textile” is the outcome of Ausra’s journeys in India and collaborations with local masters. “Maa Bhairavi Textile” is not only a brand or an apparel, it is respect for a thread, it is a love of textiles and appreciation of tradition.

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