Mauli Buch

Mauli Buch is a painter and installation artist from Rajkot, Gujarat, India. She did her graduation in painting and post graduation in Murals from M.S.University, Baroda.

In the words of Mauli:

“My art journey throughout my career is amazing! I like to travel, observe different culture, life style etc. My core interest is in doing live sketching in market areas and paint in watercolor. Discarded by time my work turned into major change and thereafter, have started to do installation with found objects like shoes, purse etc leather products! It was totally new experience for me. My work totally changed and turned into totally opposite to my nature! I accept it with new challenge and continued with it. I found it very contemporary and made several leather Armour! ‘Armour’ itself reflects the word ‘protection’. So now my drawing is based on skin’s protection and its sensitivity.”

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Mauli Buch 001   Mauli Buch 002 Mauli Buch 003            Mauli Buch 004   Mauli Buch 005 Medium LeatherShoel Medium Leather Purse


Medium LeatherShoes 001                                                       Leather and Brass Revets