Tezpur District Museum, Assam

In Assam there are 12 district museums, each providing an insight to the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the land. The Tezpur District museum was established on 16th March 1986 under the Directorate of Museums, Guwahati, Assam. The museum is located in the heart of Tezpur town.  Presently, the collections are stored and displayed in  a British era historic building called dak-bunglow in local Assamese language. Before settling down at its present location permanently in 2002, the artefacts travelled from Darrang college premises to the Tezpur Sahitya Sabha in search of a better place to house the artefacts .

Presently, the museum  has more than 600 objects in its collection. The multipurpose collections are textiles, paintings, wooden objects, numismatics , sculpture, manuscripts, copper plate inscriptions, etc. Also, cannons, and stone sculptures from both pre-Ahom and Ahom period are displayed at the entrance of the museum, near the verandah. Rich craft work from the Satra institutions are also displayed in the museum signifying the neo-Vaishnavism impact on the socio-cultural setup of the place.

Some manuscripts in the collection are Kaitheli script of Luti-mantra, Bira-mantra, Vaidya-sastra , Mahabharata, Kirtana in Kaitheli style with illustrations etc.

Other than the wooden sculptures and masks the museum has a stone image of lord Shani and lord Indra from the late medieval period found at Kalahari.

A late nineteenth century wooden palanquin or dola in Assamese language forms another important part of its collection.

The museum attract tourists in large numbers every day.