Fasten Your Seatbelt For A Vintage Ride!

For all car-lovers, here is a place which is no less than a wonder chamber. In fact for all genres of people it has lot of surprises hidden inside.

Well ! it’s the Heritage Transport Museum which enthrals the viewers.

The Heritage Transport Museum  or the HTM is one of the finest museums in Delhi-NCR, situated in Manesar, 40kms from Gurgaon.

This idea was the brainchild of Mr. Tarun Thakral which turned into reality with the help of architect Jyoti Rath and the team.

Mr. Thakral started collecting vintage cars back in 1994 which he later decided to put them for public viewing.

In the words of Mr. Thakral…

The goal to this museum is to make people aware of the lives our ancestors lived and how they travelled from one place to another. Humans are mortal but vehicles are not. It is part of our history which I want to carry start forward to our future generation so that they can learn about the history”

Currently the museum is working as a centre for collection, preservation, education and display of the historic Indian transport.

An overview of the collection :

  • Automobile gallery displays the evolution of Indian car industry. A vintage scenario has been created with antique trade cards, pamphlets, postcards, posters, tickets etc.
  • Pre-merchandised transportation display shows the timeline of transportation in India, starting from the wheel. Indus toy cart, Palanquins, howdahs, horse carriages etc. are on display along with carriage lamps, carbide lamps and palanquin finials.
  • The railway section reveals the grandeur of rail travel though a railway platform and restored a Maharaja of Jodhpur Royal Railway saloon. Here we find Posters, train tickets, lamps and railway maps etc.
  • Aviation gallery shows evolution of aviation industry including early experiments. The gallery restores 1940s Piper J3C Cub aircraft.
  • There is some treat for two wheeler lovers too. Indigenous systems of transport such as chakhda and jugaad are on view.
  • The museum houses a maritime section; it talks about India’s inland waterways and their journey.
  •  ‘Collectible Indian toys on transport’ is nostalgia for visitors.  On can recall the rich childhood memories seeing toys made in wood, tin, and die-cast.
  • Museum gives its place for the display of contemporary art. Exhibits here are created by artists like Baptist Coelho, Pooja Iranna, Ranbir Kaleka etc.

The museum has 4 floors including the basement. The collection has the relevance beyond transport history and they are the intellectual sources of socio-economic history of India. Antique lithographs and engravings, original photographs including rare albumen prints, vintage maps, advertisements from old Indian dailies, philatelic collection and many other evidences makes it a unique place.

The museum was opened to public in 2013, and already had over 200,000 visitors. Every day it attracts people from far and wide. Museum offers both fun and informal learning. The discovery centre encourages people to operate classic exhibits. A library with over 2000 books, journals and archival records is open for all.

The museum organises interactive sessions for school groups. Weekend learning for children and workshops are there in the future plan.

It is a fully accessible place for differently able people and provides free admission for them.

HTM has a cafeteria and souvenir-shop and it provides the auditorium on rent. Vintage car ride facility is available at 2000/- in the museum premises.

The Heritage Transport Museum received the national tourism award in 2014-15 for the most innovative tourism project in India. Dr. Martin Bellamy (Glasgow museum) has rated this museum as one of the best transport museum.

The museum is one of the most interesting one and which aptly sets a benchmark in interpretation, exhibition and communication.