Shore Temple, Tamil Nadu

The two structural shrines Kshatriya Simhesvara (East) and Raja Simhesvara (West) collectively known as Shore temple and built by Pallava King Narasimha- Varman-II (Rajasimha) (AD. 700-728), mark the culmination of the architectural efforts which began with the cave temples and monolithic rathas. The east facing Kshatritya Simhesvara has a sanctum enshrining the Dharalinga and Somaskanda panel. The Chatustala vimāna Kshatriya Simhesvara with an incipient Gopura at the entrance and dvitala vimāna Raja Simhesvara are proportionate and adds rhythm to the whole temple complex. The reclining Vishnu in between the two shrines is carved out of bedrock and it is earlier the mandapas in the front of the Raja Simhesvara shrine is extant upto the basement. The entire temple complex is covered by prakara coped with nandis.

The shore temple is being affected by the rough sea and salt laden winds. The efforts undertaken by the Archaeological Survey of India such as construction of groyne wall paper pulp treatment and casurina plantation have checked this effect.

(Text Source & Credit: Archaeological Survey of India)