Aniya Village (Nyishi Tribe)

Arunachal is the abode of colourful tribes. Each tribe has got its distinctive nature in respect of dress, customs, rituals, traditions and language.
Aniya village is a newly formed village into the backdrop of the dense green hills and flowing river bed of Nirjuli district (Arunachal Pradesh). The village is inhabited by the Nyishi Tribal people. One of the most advanced tribal groups in Arunchal Pradesh state, who are fond of hunting and Zoom cultivation is their prime profession.
The Materials used by the Nyishis for building house are mainly wood and bamboo. The structure of the house is raised from the ground by raising it on the strong wooden and bamboo pillars. It protects the floor of the house from the dampness of the soil below. The floor and the walls are made of split bamboo.
The costumes and the head gear worn by the Nyishis give an identity to their own Tradition and also provide the distinction of the tribe from the other. The Tribal art inculcated by the Nyishis is the real art which has direct utilisation of substance from the nature.
The Aniya village of the Nyishis excellently showcase the lifestyle of the tribal group from all this direction, opens up areas to explore and very well conceptualizes itself into a living village museum.

  • Bamboo house of Nyishi tribe

  • Village road connectivity

  • Aniya village( a traditional bamboo house)

  • Traditional weapon(Oriok) of the Nyishi tribe

  • Traditional head gear of Nyishi tribe

  • Head gear of the Nyishi tribe

  • A Nyishi man with traditional head gear and weapon

  • view of the village house distribution

  • view of the village and the hills

  • Bamboo support in the basement of a platformed bamboo house

  • platform of a bamboo house

  • A bamboo house

  • Two Nyishi kids

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