Sixteen Armed Mahisasurmardini


A sixteen armed Durga killing the buffalo demon is depicted in the sculpture. Though mutilated, the image gives us an idea of the conception of this goddess. The iconography of the goddess is in the fully developed form. She holds a trisula in her upper right hand and the goddess is depicted as killing the demon by piercing the trisula in the demon that is in a kneeling position and in anthropomorphic form. The major part of the image is exposited.

But the remaining evidences clearly depict that it is a sixteen-armed Durga. The upper second right hand holds a sula and upper third right hand holds a sword. The attributes of the remaining hands are not visible (broken). The lion, mount of the goddess is depicted in the Dexter at bottom attacking the hands of the demon.

© one of the wall panel of Sivdol, Sivasagar)