Bala Bhairavi

Here the deity carved on a stone panel is of Bala-Bhairavi who is shown trampling over a figure and holding her various attributes along with a garland of skulls. Bhairavi, the consort of Bhairava is depicted here in her ferocious form.  Bhairava is the form of Siva who oversees the walk of time. It is believed that if devotees wants to improve their management of time and skills of intelligence they must worship the manifestation of lord Siva i.e the hindu deity Bhairava.

Goddess Ma Bhairavi maintains the sixth significant position among all the ten Dus Mahavidya’s. Ma Bhairavi is also known as Tripura-Bhairavi, Bala Bhairavi or Kala-Bhairavi. She is an incarnation of learning and reasoning, bravery and blessings carrying a compassionate and kind smile on her face.

Bhairavi mata is represented graphically as the consort of Bhairava, referred as Shubmkari. She is beneficial to people with moral excellence and dreadful for people possessing negative qualities. Creation and destruction is the phenomena of nature which exists everywhere in the form of Bhairavi. Bhairavi is the controlling goddess of this crumbling world. The tantrik sadhna of tripur bhairavi is beneficial for exercising control over sensual desires and for individuals overall spiritual growth. (