In the words of Rajesh:

Art for me is a medium to create a journal of my life, to way to express my sub conscious.

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In the initial years, of my journey, I started sketching human figures, developed my skills and explored different medium to find a way through which I could relate to myself. I liketo sketch in single flow and unbroken line, emphasizing on division of space and minimalistic compositions.

It was in later year, I started working in more emotional and peculiar way by incorporating visuals of my childhood memories. I remember my childhood memories, being from a family of barbers. The visuals of the saloon always linger in my mind. Depicting hair has become a main aspect in most of the compositions. Hair is portrayed with simple and mystifying background that connects with the places I go. My works is a comment on society that like the growth of hair need to be cut down, similarly the hatred feeling, neglecting towards communal values need to be cut down.

Dividing the space is also a key towards my compositions. Most of the works features very less color which is enhancing the simplicity to my work. Apart from this, I like to travel a lot so that also influences my work to some extent.